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Successful Grand Opening Event of The Look Salon Suites at Poyner Place Raleigh Location


On Friday April 21, 2023, The Look Salon Suites held its grand opening event at 5821 Poyner Village Parkway, Raleigh, North Carolina. The event was attended by respected Mayor of Raleigh, Mary Ann Baldwin, as the chief guest, and special guest respected Mayor of Apex, Jacques Gilbert. The event was dedicated to the new salons operating from this location, and every business owner got an opportunity to interact with the mayors.

The Look Salon Suites is providing private, fully equipped luxurious salon suites to individual beauty professionals, such as hair stylists, cosmetologist, estheticians, nail technicians, and makeup artists. This unique concept provides a luxurious and comfortable setting for professionals to conduct their business while offering clients an exclusive and personalized experience.

The Look Salon Suites is located at Poyner Place shopping center Raleigh & overlooks a beautiful pond featuring a large water fountain attracting thousands of visitors everyday. Every suite is pre-fitted with customized wall to wall storage cabinets with countertop & sink, shampoo cabinets, shampoo bowls, salon furniture, wall mounted mirrors & glass storefronts, customized business signs, digital displays for each business to promote their services and extensive optional back-office support services such as appointment booking system, marketing & advertising, social media management, company formation & bookkeeping services to support young professional who need support in this area while focusing on their craft.

The Look Salon Suites is breaking the traditional model of Salon industry which has traditionally being restricted to providing less than 100 square feet suites with minimal amenities within the suite. The Look Salon suites offers much larger suites with glass storefronts for natural lighting.

The grand opening event was a tremendous success, with a large turnout of attendees, including local business owners, community leaders, and residents. The event started with a ribbon-cutting ceremony, where Mayor Ms. Baldwin officially launched the opening of the Look Salon Suites.

After the ceremony, attendees were given a tour of the facility, where they were able to see the state-of-the-art, luxurious suites, each being customized to their preference by the salon owners. The business owners had an opportunity to showcase their services to the attendees and network with other professionals in the industry.

During the event, Mayor Baldwin and Mayor Gilbert both gave speeches congratulating the Look Salon Suites on their grand opening and highlighting the importance of small businesses in the community. They also emphasized the impact that the salon industry has on the economy and recognized the efforts of the salon owners in providing quality services to the Raleigh locals. The salon owners also shared their entrepreneurial experience with the guests.

The event was not only a celebration of the Look Salon Suites' grand opening but also an opportunity to showcase the vibrancy of the local community. The Look Salon Suites is a valuable addition to the Raleigh area, and their commitment to providing a unique and luxurious experience for their clients will undoubtedly contribute to the success of the local economy.

The Co-founders of Look Salon Suites, Naiks and Ravals, are serial entrepreneurs with a passion for supporting small business owners. Their vision for the Company is to set up several salon locations within North Carolina within the next five years. In addition to this, they also plan to establish a franchising company as an investment vehicle for other investors to contribute to their vision of providing salon suites to small business owners in thriving communities across the United States. By offering franchise opportunities, The Look Salon Suites can leverage the resources and expertise of other entrepreneurs to further grow the business.

Naiks and Ravals have a track record of success as entrepreneurs. They have previously launched and scaled multiple businesses in different industries, including event management & hospitality, online retail, real estate, technology and much more. Their experience in these diverse fields has given them the skills and knowledge necessary to launch a successful salon suites concept.

Their focus on supporting small business owners through Look Salon Suites is rooted in their belief that entrepreneurs are the backbone of the economy. By providing high-quality salon suites with state-of-the-art upgrades, they hope to help small business owners succeed in the competitive beauty industry. Customers who love to get pampered in a safe, relaxing & private experience are sure to return back.

Their commitment to supporting small business owners is admirable, and their experience as serial entrepreneurs gives them the expertise necessary to make the venture a success. By establishing multiple locations and offering franchising opportunities, Look Salon Suites has the potential to become a leader in the Salon Suites industry while also supporting Salon professionals ranging from hair stylist, barbers, makeup artist, esthetician, massage therapist across the United States.

For more information, visit or contact us on 919-804-8797

In Picture: The Look Salon suites founders with Respected Mayor of Raleigh Ms. Mary-Ann Baldwin and Respected Mayor of Apex Jacques Gilbert.

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