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Town approvals received. Contractor engaged to start construction on Sept 7, 2022 at Poyner Village

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

The Look Salon Suites family are so excited to announce that we have finally received approvals from town to begin construction at Poyner Place Location.

We have hired the best contractor company in Raleigh who have several successfully projects under their belt and has a team of committed, experienced, licensed team to carry the project to completion on a timely manner.

We will now see the construction process begin the week of Sept 6th. We will start off with plumbing work.

For those who have already signed up preleasing form, this is a great news as we still expect our construction to be completed sometime by end of November, if everything goes as planned which we anticipate.

We will provide regular updates to our future Salon Owners on the construction progress and timelines. We are very excited and plan to keep everyone in loop on the progress thru completion. Thank you for being part of the Look salon suite family, welcome to our journey, Together we all will succeed in our objectives.

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The Look Salon Suite Leadership team

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